Start a Lifeline Wireless Business

Have you been searching for a “lifeline wireless free government” phone provider to partner with? Sync Up, offers a simple solution for becoming a lifeline cell phone provider. For a limited time Sync Up is accepting new lifeline wireless free government cell phone agent applications.

cell phone online opportunity

cell phone online opportunity

How You Earn Money As Lifeline Wireless Dealer 

As a Lifeline Wireless dealer for free phones, you will receive a commission on each approved lifeline wireless customer. Most free government cell phone providers pay every 45-60 days. The Sync Up system will help you to become a lifeline wireless free phone provider in your state. The best part is Sync Up payouts out bi-weekly, so no more waiting 45 days to get paid.

Lifeline Wireless Free Phones – How It Works

Each applicant for the lifeline program will need a IPAD or Android Tablet in order to process the applications. The application for lifeline wireless is simple to do, and only takes 5-10 mins.
Lifeline Wireless has 2 opportunity’s to choose from. The first being a dropship option that sends the customer a free phone in the mail within 5-10 business days. The second lifeline wireless program for free government phones will be a phone in had program.

How To Become A Lifeline Wireless Agent – Free Phone Provider

  1. Each lifeline agent will first need to pass a background check
  2. Once you are approved to become a lifeline wireless free phone provider you go through a detail video training course
  3. After you have completed the Lifeline Wireless free government cell phone provider training course you will take a short quiz
  4. Once you have completed the free government phone provider test, you will be emailed your authorized lifeline wireless dealer login

Contact Sync Up Solutions for more information on how to become a lifeline wireless free government phone provider

how to become a lifeline dealer

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