Q. Is it possible to open multiple Retailer locations?

A. Once you have successfully opened and maintained your initial location we strongly encourage you to consider opening multiple Sync Up retailer stores in mutually agreeable markets where Sync Up is licensed and provides service. This gives you the flexibility to open a new store only when it feels right to you.

Q. After I make my payment how long will the total process take?

A. Once your payment is made & cleared! The set up process will begin. On day one you will be given your login to the Sync Up Authorized Dealer Portal. If you selected a package that includes tangible products, shipping time is usually around 6-14 days depending on your package. During that time we will be registering you as a dealer for all of the products & and services you have access to. Although you can start ordering product & have access to the dealer portal the setup process can still take up to 6 days depending on your package, and how fast you move.

Q. Will I receive training from Sync Up?

A. Yes. Sync Up retailers complete our offsite video training course, and one on one training which includes many Internet-based, self-paced products and available support staff.

Q. Do I receive assistance in opening my Sync Up wireless store?

A. Yes, in addition to your initial training, a Sync Up account representative will work closely with you every step of the way to provide continued support.

Q. What form of continuing operational guidance will I receive?

A. You will receive access to Sync Up operational resources to help with day-to-day operations, as well as ongoing support from a Sync Up account representative, guidance on all promotional materials, operational updates, and Sync Up newsletters.

Q. What unique systems do you provide to help Sync Up Retailers manage their business?

A. We offer a web-based activation’s and account management system is licensed to each Sync Up Retailer to perform activation’s and and bill pay services. You will also be given access to web-based inventory ordering system for order products wholesale.

Q. Do I have to purchase all inventory from Sync Up?

A. You will be required to purchase your Sim Cards from one of our vendors but inventory can be purchased directly from Sync Up or any vendor of choice, Accessories may be purchased from a vendor of your choosing. We also provide you two wholesale accounts to choose from.

Q. Who pays for advertising?

A. Advertising is done on a local, regional, and national level. With Sync Up as your expert media partner, you can conduct local advertising for your own stores. Sync Up offers discounted marketing service to all dealers in the network, brand guidelines, and creative support to help you achieve a great presence in your local community. We also have a unique video marketing system set in place which is available in our dealer portal.

Q. How much money can I expect to make?

A. Your potential profit will depend on a number of things, like the location of your storefront, the amount of time you dedicate to the place, your level of business expertise, staffing needs, and market conditions. Naturally, as in any business venture, there are no guarantees of success and profitability. However, we help minimize your risk by providing a well-organized system and a refined concept, perfected through years of experience and flawless execution.

Q. Is a storefront required?

A. No but Storefronts enjoy a higher profit margin on all sales and have the opportunity to co-op with other deals into major local advertising campaigns for pennies on the dollar, which in turn greatly increase foot traffic into the stores. Sync Up does have an online program available for those who would like to offer our product lines without a storefront. Ask your Consultant for details.

Q. Will I be a authorized dealer for all carriers?

A. Yes you will become a authorized dealer for our primary carriers and have access to our inventory line to sell products for carriers that are not in our network. Our business model is built around being a direct dealer and a indirect dealer for multiple carriers in order to offer more than one option of service to our customers. We don’t guaranty activation and support for AT&T or Verizon, and Go Smart / T Mobile are subject to approval. In the event a carrier changes activation procedures we will do our best to remedy the issue or offer an alternative carrier for service.

Q. What logo will be displayed on my store?

A. Our program is designed to help you brand your own wireless store with your name and logo, unless you are applying to open a exclusive store using a carrier brand as your store name. We offer the opportunity to open branded stores for H2O, Simple Mobile, or Use Your Own Store Name.

Q. How long is the enrollment process after payment?

A. In most cases it could take around one week to get you going if all your documents are in order. New store opens can take up to 6 weeks for all products to arrive and training. Keep in mind this can be done faster if you work hard to provide us all the required documents needed once you are enrolled

Q. Is approval credit based?

A. No to enroll as a wireless dealer there is no credit required, however for (utility Pay), you will need to be approved after credit check. We offer programs for those who have credit issues as well for cellular pay.

Q. How much will the license fee be to open a second location?

A. To open you second location you will need to purchase an additional package only if you are in need of a new setup kit. To open multiple locations  (each location will need new contracts for set up). Ask your agent about our  discounted multi – store development.

Q. If I join before opening my store and decide later I won’t be opening my location will I get a refund?

A. NO all payments are final for set up kits, and access to our training center. Our staff is working around the clock to manage and create your accounts. The Sync Up portal is a platform which will also give you the entire plan of action for developing your cell phone business. The marketing training alone is worth the price of our highest package.  If you selected a package that includes a monthly fee simply cancel your subscription and you will not be charged the following month.


Q. Will I Need A Merchant Account?

A. Yes you will need to accept credit card payments both in store and online. For your system to work smoothly we suggest holding off on setting up your merchant account until our agents can assist you in which is best for your store.

Q. Do I Need Good Credit To Accept Cell Phone Payments?

A. No, our system is prepaid. You load money on the system for the amount of credit needed for that week. This reduces the risk involved with taking payments by letting you prepay for your airtime so credit is not needed to start taking payment for cell phones.

Q. What Types of Phones & Tablets Will I Be Able To Buy Wholesale?

A. Once you join our program you will be provided a wholesale login for you gain access to the top manufactures such as: Apple, LG, BLU, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and more.

Q. If I purchase a website can I open a retail location later?

A. Yes we will help you to open your retail location when you are ready. Once you have gone through our training program you will have the ability to also perform activation’s in person. We offer multiple development options for those who are looking to open retail locations.

Q. Is this a Multi-level Marketing Program?

A. No we are a wireless dealer development company. We help those who are interested in starting a wireless business in a retail environment or start a wireless business online. Our program was designed for both brick & mortar and online development. The best part of our program is the fact is not a MLM, you will be able to earn as much as retail locations as a online dealer.

Q. Once I join am i forced to use your merchant services?

A. No you will be able to use your own merchant account if you have one in order to take payments via credit or debit card. Keep in mind not all merchant account providers support cell phone dealers. We can help to find the best rates and the top merchant account providers that do support wireless dealers.

Q. When is the payout for Satellite, Cable, and Internet Sales?

We payout 30 days after the customer has been installed for all Satellite, Cable, and Internet Sales? If you are a high volume dealer other arrangements can be made to payout more frequent.

Q. Is a retail location required to become a Tracfone dealer?

In order to become an approved Tracfone dealer you need a brick & mortar location. You will also be required to submit a valid sellers permit or business license.