Searching for the best cell phone business opportunity in the nation? SYNC UP is a full scale cell phone dealer development company. We work with some of the top prepaid wireless carriers.

Our mission is to help you build your own cell phone business that you control. SYNC has partner with the leading providers of unlimited prepaid wireless plans, to ensure our dealers have the best chance for success.

Cell Phone Business Opportunity – Tip’s

If you are interested in earning residual income, starting a prepaid wireless business may be the perfect fit. Our cell phone business opportunity is ideal for store owners, and online agents looking to make money selling phones, plans, and device protection.

Other Services We Provide:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Home Phone Service
  • Flashing & Unlocking
  • Device Protection
  • Lifeline Government Phones

Can You Make Money With A Cell Phone Business Opportunity?

As an independent cell phone authorize dealer you can earn some serious cash. Our authorized cell phone dealer locations get paid on each new activation, and payment they accept.

We pay high spiff’s on activation’s, plus a hefty commission on monthly refills. One the best parts of our program is our easy to use virtual terminal, which will enable you to track commissions, activate phones, take payments, and offer international plans.

best cell phone business opportunity

Starting A Cell Phone Business – Best Carriers

When selecting which carriers to work with when starting a cell phone company it is wise to seek advice. There are many unlimited prepaid plan providers it is hard to choose which one maybe best for you.

Our unique authorized dealer portal will help you to compare plans & commission in order to help find the right carrier. Using our authorized cell phone dealer portal can give you the education needed to make the best choice when partnering with providers.


Ready To Learn How To Start A Cell Phone Business? Check Out This Video..

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How To Start A Cell Phone Business

Ready to learn how to start a cell phone business in Virginia? SYNC, offer’s a simple solution to help you get started earning commission on the top prepaid wireless plans.

Our mission is to provide you with all the tools needed to start a cell phone business in no time at all.

Best Place To Start A Cell Phone Store

If you are considering starting a cell phone business in Virginia, we would suggest opening a new location in a strip mall. Strip malls can provide a good amount of organic traffic to your location.

By surrounding your self by local businesses you can expect to gain new customer’s fast. Many new dealers choose to open a cell phone business in strip malls due to the price being much cheaper than a traditional mall.

Our cell phone business opportunity is perfect for those looking to earn residual income by providing prepaid wireless plans. We teach you how to start a cell phone store you control.
Starting a cell phone business can be tricky if not done correctly.

What Documents Are Needed To Start A Prepaid Cell Phone Business?

In our training on how to start a cell phone company, we go through each step one by one. This will explain to you what documents are needed to start a cell phone business in Virginia.

  • Business Checking Account
  • State Issued I.D.
  • Business License
  • Sales Tax & Use Certificate
starting a cell phone business

Tips On How To Start A Multi-Carrier Cell Phone Business

When starting a cell phone company it is wise to go with a multi-carrier solution. This will allow you to start earning money on more than one provider.

There are tons of prepaid wireless carriers to choose from. By partnering with SYNC, you will have the ability to start generating new customers for unlimited prepaid wireless plans.

Top Prepaid Wireless Carriers:

  1. H2O Wireless
  2. Envie Mobile
  3. Red Pocket
  4. Simple Mobile
  5. Net10 Wireless

What Are The First Steps To Starting A Wireless Business

The first thing to do when starting a cell phone business is to decide if you are going online or retail. Both options have advantages, online dealers spend less on inventory, while retailers spend more.

If you choose to start online remember there will be a learning curve if you do not understand the art of generating traffic. Retail locations grow much faster if the location is positioned correctly.

Our system will give you all the training needed to open in any of these environments. Our goal is to get you into the prepaid wireless business both online &  off.

If you are interest in learning how-to-start-a-cell-phone-business contact us today.