Good Cheap Smartphones That Are Affordable

Have you been searching for good cheap smartphones? We offer all the best affordable smartphones for half the price of other retailers.

SYNC can help you to find cheap smartphones unlocked for all the best carriers in the nation. Many of our good cheap smartphones are ready for activation for nationwide coverage.

Buy a new smartphone is simple with the help of SYNC. Our websites is packed full of the latest, and best cheapest smartphone deals.

Affordable smartphones can help you save money by selecting a unlocked cell phone that can be activated on more than one carrier network.

What Are Some Good Unlimited Cell Phone Plans?

There are many good cell phone carriers to choose from when you buy a good cheap smartphone. One of the top unlimited plan providers is Net10 Wireless.

Net10 features a variety of plans to choose from. One of the more popular plans is the $40 /mo option which is perfect for unlocked smartphone deals.

best cheapest good smartphone deals

Best Cheapest Smartphones Deal

We offer some of the most advanced smart phones on the market. SYNC has partnered with the top cell phone manufactures in the nation.

Some Good Cheap Smartphone Manufactures 


Finding the right deal on a good cheap smartphone is important to us all. When selecting your new unlocked prepaid cell phone, make sure to examine all the features included on the phone you are purchasing.

The Best Place To Buy Smartphones With Deep Discounts
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Tips On How To Become A Wireless Dealer

international_sim_triplugLearning to become a wireless dealer has not been so easy in the past. There are several steps you must complete before you start a cell phone business.

After you have decide which type of wireless business you are going to start (online or retail location), your next step is to choose a name for your business.

Once you have your business name you may want to trademark it before you incorporate your business.

If you are ready to get your business off the ground you will need to get registered. This step will require you to create accounts with the IRS, and the state.

Getting your business legal is only part of the development process. Following your incorporation you will need to start the process of building your business.

How Much Can Prepaid Wireless Dealers Earn?

Prepaid wireless dealers can earn some serious income if the business is operated correctly. Many of the cell phone carriers offer high spiff payouts to dealers who activate more than 2 lines in a month.

Our Wireless Dealer Compensation Plan:

  • Earn High Spiff Payouts
  • Instant Spiff Programs
  • Get Paid On Multi-Carrier Activation’s
  • Easy Reporting

best wireless dealer opportunityHow To Become a Wireless Dealer For Multiple Carriers

When starting a wireless business it is best to become a multi-carrier cell phone dealer. This will give you more flexibility as a business owner.

The best way to get started as a prepaid wireless authorized dealer is to partner with a solutions company like SYNC UP.

Joining the SYNC network will give you access to the best carriers in the nation. SYNC offers a verity of program for both online cell phone dealers, and retail locations.

Alternative Products Wireless Dealers Offer

Many wireless dealer’s are taking advantage of the SYNC program due to the all the different services they can offer. We offer most of the best Satellite TV, Cable, and High Speed Internet Providers.

Wireless Devices are only part of the income stream when you “become a wireless dealer”  with SYNC. We give you various products to earn money on, which also increases the flow of traffic for your business.

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Tempo Wireless Sincere Evaluation Is It A Fraud?

Tempo WirelessWhat exactly is Tempo Wireless?

Tempo is a social commerce cellular phone carrier that targets pre-paid wireless, free lifeline phones, and residential telephone service.

With Tempo Wireless you can generate revenue by gaining new customers who are searching for unlimited prepaid cellular phone coverage.

Following our review of Tempo Wireless we have observed Tempo Wireless features a couple of very good promotions that will interest new dealers to begin a phone business online.

We decided to perform a Tempo Wireless Review to see if Tempo is a strong company to work with.

Can You Make Money – Tempo Wireless Review

The pay plan for Tempo Wireless is significantly stronger than most of the other social commerce companies we come across previously.

One of the best things about Tempo Wireless would be the fact you get compensated on time.

tempo wireless reviewTempo Wireless has a wonderful reporting system, that you can monitor all your consumer registrations through.

SYNC UP was pleased to perform a Tempo Wireless Review to after taking a look inside their approved reseller portal.

The dealership website that Tempo Wireless offers might help a brand new dealer get started supplying unlimited pre-paid mobile phone plans in no time at all.

Tempo Wireless Reviews – How To Join

Becoming a member of Tempo Wireless is defiantly the ideal choice if you’re searching for easy approach to start your own cellular phone business at home.

Hopefully this Tempo Wireless Honest Review will assist you to discover how easy it is to earn money online by selling phones and rate plans.

Call us today now to become a member of the fastest growing Tempo Wireless Team in the nation.


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Cell Phone Dropshippers You Can Trust

cell phone dropshippersPartner with the one of the nations best cell phone dropshippers.

We work with all the top prepaid cell phone carriers, offering unlimited prepaid cell phone plans.

Our cell phone dropshippers program is perfect for those looking to start a cell phone business online.

SYNC UP can help you earn some real income with our mobile dropship solution.

Once you join our team you will be provided your own website, ready for cell phone drop shipping.

The SYNC UP program will help you gain access to the best “cell phone dropshippers” in the United States.

Our goal is to help you learn the in’s and out’s of running a cell phone business from home. Becoming a cell phone dealer is simple with the help of the SYNC UP SOLUTIONS TEAM.

We feature a unique training system, which will teach you everything you need to know about the mobile phone dropshippers program.

What Are The Best Phones For Cell Phone Dropshippers?

BLU is one of the best cell phone manufactures to offer by cell phone dropshippers. BLU has many devices to choose from. Most phones by BLU can be compared to Samsung models but at half the cost.

What Are The Best Carriers For Cell Phone Drop Shipping?

There are many unlimited prepaid plan providers to choose from for cell phone dropshippers. H2O is a great choice for cellular phone dropshippers to partner with.

H2O wireless offer’s some of the best unlimited prepaid cell phone plans, on one of the nations strongest networks.

Redpocket Mobile is a nationwide carrier which offers service on all the best networks.

With Redpocket Mobile your customer’s will have the choice of which network they would like to get (GSM or CDMA).

How To Make Money With Cell Phone Dropshippers

iNTERNATIONAL-PHONESEarning money with cell phone dropshipping can be quite easy if done correctly.

By partnering with the right cell phone drop shipping company you can save tons of cash on inventory.

Our cell phone drop ship program will allow you to focus on making sales, instead of dealing with inventory issues.

Offering cell phone payments online is one of the more popular way’s to make money with cell phone drop ship providers.

How To Connect With Cell Phone Dropshippers

If you are searching for a way to connect with cell phone dropshippers we have the best solution around.

Joining our program will give you all the tools needed to start a real cell phone drophipping business from anywhere in the world.

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become a satellite tv dealer

become a cable tv provider
Why Become A Satellite TV Reseller?

If you are looking to earn some serious cash by providing services people use everyday, our solution to become a satellite TV dealer, may be perfect for you.

Their are millions of American’s searching for a good deal on satellite TV. By partnering with SYNC you will have the ability to offer all the top providers under one roof.

The SYNC nationwide Satellite TV Independent Agent Program

No matter where you are in the U.S. We have the provider for you. Our system is like none other. Joining our team will ensure you have access to all the best satellite TV offerings at your finger tips.

Provider Our Satellite TV Affiliate Reseller Include

  • Comcast
  • Charter Spectrum
  • Time Warner
  • Cox
  • Excede
  • Conexa
  • HugheNet

become a satellite tv dealer

Satellite TV Retailer Compensation Plan

We offer a generous compensation plan, which helps you focus on what you do best (Closing Sales). Unlike many satellite TV dealer programs, we help reduce the risk of charge backs, by providing excellent training to each and everyone of our satellite TV resellers.

Our one of a kind dealer portal is packed full of training video’s to help you learn the in’s and out’s of selling high speed internet, cable TV, satellite TV, and phone services.

Benefits of Become A Satellite TV Agent With SYNC

  1. Easy Satellite TV Dealer Enrollment
  2. Simple Customer Fulfillment
  3. Dedicated Call Center For Support
  4. Complete Training System
  5. Promotional Items

How To Become A Satellite TV Dealer

In order to become a satellite TV dealer the first thing to do is contact our dealer development team. After your registration you will be provided unique logins into the satellite TV dealer portal where you can enroll new customers.

In most cases payout is done on a monthly basis. If you are a high volume satellite TV retailer or agent payout time frames can be set bi-weekly. Starting your own business as a satellite TV reseller could prove to be very rewarding. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

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become a multi-carrier cell phone dealer

How To Start A Multi-Carrier Cell Phone Businessmulti-carrier cell phone dealer plan

Interested in becoming a multi-carrier cell phone dealer? SYNC UP is the perfect partner to help you get started offer prepaid wireless phones for the top carriers.

Our multi-carrier cell phone dealer program is ideal for those who are looking to have all the best carriers under one roof.

Multi-Carrier Cell Phone Retailers VS Single Carrier Locations

Multi-Carrier locations do much better than the traditional prepaid wireless dealer store front. Opening a cell phone store offering the top prepaid carriers can help you to build a large customer base.

Why only offer one carrier when there are so many to choose from? Once you decide on which type of model you are interested in, the next step is to get your multi-carrier cell phone business established with the best carriers.

Can You Make Money With A Multi-Carrier Cell Phone Store?

Retailers who operate multi-carrier locations see much higher commission than standard dealers. With this business model you have the option to give your customers more choices when selecting a new prepaid provider.

In addition to our performing new activation’s, you will also see a considerable amount of customers visit your location to only make a bill payment. Offering cell phone refills is a great way to earn more money with your “multi-carrier cell phone business”.

Our goal is to help you start your very own multi-carrier cell phone business from scratch.

How To Become a Multi-Carrier Cell Phone Dealer

In order to start your own wireless business you first need to contact our dealer development team. We will guide you through the process of becoming a mult-carrier cell phone dealer.

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dropship cell phone suppiers

Have you been considering starting a business drop shipping mobile phones? Sync Up Solutions offers the number one cell phone drop shipping opportunity around.

We work with all the top prepaid wireless carriers in the nation. Our goal is to help you get stated offering all the latest phones, and rate plans for prepaid wireless.

Starting a business drop shipping mobile phones can become a very profitable business if done correctly.

The SYNC UP program will enable you to gain wholesale access to new smart phones that can be drop shipped directly to your customers.

Just like retailers, you can earn serious commissions on doing new activation’s for prepaid plans. Most wireless carriers offer nationwide talk & text plans, that also include data.

USA Cell Phone Dropshippers

As you may have noticed there are not many USA based cell phone dropshippers. SYNC is one of the only nationwide cell phone providers that actually offers dropship cell phones.

It is highly important to get your cell phones drop shipped from a reliable source. One question you must ask your self is, what happens if a customer has a problem with a device you sold them.

Many cell phone drop ship companies are located out of the country, so if you need a refund it will be hard to contact a company not in the U.S.

Working with SYNC UP will insure you always have the support you need to make your cell phone dropship program a success.

How To Make Money Drop Shipping Cell Phones

If you are starting a online cell phone business the first thing to do is partner with a reliable drop shipper. Our dealers earn money on more than just the rate plans sold. Once you join our cell phone dropship program you will have the chance to earn as much as retailers on new devices sold.

Cell Phone Dropship Program

The SYNC UP cell phone dropship program will help you to start offering the best mobile phones. Our platform updates daily, we feature all the top devices customers love.

What Are The Best Carriers For Drop Shipping Mobile Phones?

We work with 7 of the best unlimited prepaid plan providers in the nation. This will help you to give your customers more option’s when selecting a prepaid provider.

Some Carriers We Offer:

  • Lyca Mobile
  • EasyGO
  • Envie Mobile
  • ROK Mobile
  • H2O Wireless
  • Red Pocket Mobile
  • Ultra Mobile

How To Dropship Cell Phones

In order to dropship cell phones you will need to get your own SYNC UP website. This website will provide you a solid platform to start your dropship cell phone business from home. Our cell phone dropship program is perfect for those looking to make money online.

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rok-mobile-logo-rgbHow To Become A ROK Mobile Dealer

Searching for information on how to become a ROK Mobile dealer? We are here to help! SYNC is the nations number one wireless dealer development company.

Our program is perfect for those looking to become a ROK Mobile dealer. We provide all the tools and resources needed to start earning only selling the ROK Mobile prepaid wireless plan.

What Is ROK Mobile?

ROK Mobile is the first and only cell phone provider to offer prepaid cell phone service & music streaming combined in one low bill. With ROK Mobile you can provide customers Unlimited nationwide TALK & TEXT, 5GB of DATA, plus The ROK Mobile music app totally free.

The ROK Mobile music app is a great way for those who are looking to “become a ROK Mobile dealer” sell more phones.

best rok mobile master agent


ROK Mobile provides nationwide coverage on the nations largest cell phone network. ROK Mobile has partnered with the best carriers to ensure their customers have the best service.

In addition to the unlimited prepaid wireless plans, users also get access to the ROK Mobile music app that features over 20 Million songs. The ROK Mobile music app is the perfect way to help customers save money on their wireless bill and music streaming service.



top rok mobile master agent

how to become a rok mobile authorized dealerROK Mobile Music APP

The ROK Mobile music app is unlike any other steaming service out. With ROK Mobile you can not only have the best songs programmed for your radio station, but you also have the ability to download your favorite albums.

Once you download the ROK Mobile music app, you will see how easy it is to gain access to your favorite artist. Simply type the name of your artist, and let ROK do the rest.

Who Is ROK Mobile?

ROK Mobile was founded by John Paul DeJoria, the founder of Paul Mitch, and Patrón Tequila. John Paul DeJoria, is famous for building recognizable brands that last.

With a strong founder such as John Paul DeJoria, it is easy to see why ROK Mobile is going to be the next big thing in prepaid wireless.

To Become A ROK Mobile Dealer

In order to become a ROK Mobile dealer simply contact our nationwide ROK Mobile dealer specialist. Our agents are standing by to help you become a ROK Mobile dealer or retailer.

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ORDER NOW CALL 877-262-7058

The Cheapest Cable TV Discounts In [mygeo_region]

Are you currently trying to find cable TV discounts? Our process will help to locate you the very best cable TV discounts around. We work with all of the nations top providers who provide you with cable TV discounts, high-speed Internet, and residential phone service.

Our mission is to help you in finding the best deal possible when shopping for new cable TV discounts. Many customers find by utilizing our service they save up to 28% on home entertainment costs.

deals on cable tvHow We Find Cable TV Discounts

Our consultants do a comparison of suppliers and help you find cable TV discounts to fit your needs. With so many providers out there to choose from it could possibly become tedious to get the proper deal. That’s where we come in, we make it easier to compare suppliers and discover deep savings that will help you start new service.

There are several “cable TV discounts” to benefit from, finding you the best cable TV discount is our goal. We provide both satellite TV and cable TV services for mainly all the top providers in the nation. Finding cable TV discounts should not be difficult. Our sales reps make sure that your paying the cheapest month-to-month bill possible.

Find Cable TV Discount For [mygeo_region]

If you have been interested in cable TV discounts, we have the solution. In addition to our cable TV discounts, we also have discounts for Internet service providers. A number of our cable TV and satellite TV offers may be bundled up with high-speed Internet providers such as AT&T, Verizon wireless, frontier, or Century link.

Who has the cheapest cable TV discounts?

There a wide range of cable TV suppliers that have good special deals. DIRECTV is usually running promotions for potential customers to help lower the price of starting service. DIRECTV is one of the cheapest cable TV discount service providers that we have to provide. If you’re looking for the cheapest cable provider, or satellite TV discounts contact us today at


FIND THE BEST DEAL - CALL 877-262-7058

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How To Become A DIRECTV Reseller

Directv Logo 320Would you like to become a DirecTV reseller. Our program is perfect for anyone searching to get started as a DirecTV reseller. We work with both online agents and independent retail locations to offer DirecTV services.

Once you join our dealer network, you will have access to all the tools needed to become a DirecTV reseller. DirecTV is a nationwide satellite TV provider with an amazing track record.

Our DirecTV reseller program is perfect for anybody would like to just start off satellite TV services with the nation’s most trusted provider.

Why Become A DIRECTV Reseller?

DirecTV offers satellite TV services which provide premium programming, and can also be bundled with AT&T Internet services. Our DirecTV retailer program will allow you to offer all of the DirecTV products and services without all the red tape.

We believe in helping entrepreneurs become authorized to offer DirecTV products and services by joining our nationwide sales team. We offer a complete solution to get you trained as a “DirecTV reseller”.

become a cable tv providerAfter you have joined our DirecTV sales team you will be provided a unique login to the DirecTV authorized dealer portal. As a independent agent you will have access to process sales, order marketing materials, and even get your own website if needed.

Why become a DirecTV reseller?

  • Earn commissions on each installation
  • process sales store unique portal
  • gain access to our promotional materials
  • complete training provided

With DirecTV your customers can enjoy premium programming from all the top channel partners, such as HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and more.

If you’re interested in becoming a “DirecTV reseller” contact us today to learn more.

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