Soalvei Closed For Business

cell phone dropshippingAs you may have heard Solavei is shutting down. Solavei was a prepaid unlimited social commerce company which ran on the T Mobile network. Over the past few years Solavei has been the leading social commerce company.

The shut down of Solavei did not come as a surprise to many due to the fact they continued to be a company that could not stop changing their compensation plan. Many Solavei dealers were not very happy to see Solavei shut down after years of hard work.

Once Solavei is out of business T Mobile will send SIM cards to all Solavei customers in a effort to keep as many subscribers as possible.

What’s Next For Solavei Dealers After Shutdown?

buy international phonesSolavei dealers are now forced to find a new way to offer prepaid unlimited plans to the pubic. This is where companies like SYNC UP will flourish. SYNC UP is a Multi-Carrier cell phone business development company that focuses on both GSM & CDMA networks.

Solavei going out of business could come as a blessing for SYNC UP dealers due to the fact there are not many prepaid unlimited plans to offer unless you have a store location.

With SYNC UP, cell phone dealers never need to worry about loosing a carrier. With the SYNC UP program, cell phone dealers have the choice of offering unlimited prepaid plans for numerous providers.

Solavei, shutting down has many cell phone dealers looking for new options to start a cell phone business online. SYNC UP has the perfect cell phone drop shipping opportunity to help these agents.

With SYNC UP dealers now have the chance to get a cell phone drop shipping business started for half the cost of Solavei. When Solavei decided to shut down SYNC UP, decided to step up to help those who were currently working with Solavei to get back into the wireless business.

Why Did Solavei Go Out of Business?

Unlimited Prepaid Plans With Tempo WirelessIt seems Solavei is going out of business due to the fact they could not workout a solid deal with T Mobile. Many would look at this decision to shut down Solavei as poor planing.

Solavei’s shutdown will hurt a lot of business owners who were earning good commissions offering prepaid unlimited plans.

The funny part of Solavei going out of business is, the founder of Solavei has been known to file bankruptcy in order to continue to operate his empire.

Solavei no longer will provide dealers the opportunity to become cell phone dealers online. Solavei’s shutdown has put a stain on the prepaid social commerce industry for many.

Now that Solavei has decided to going out of business is the best option for them. The question is what will all the current Solavei resellers do?

Starting a cell phone business is still one of the most sought after opportunities for entrepreneurs.

While the shutdown of Solavei hurts some, many are starting to see the big picture. Prepaid wireless is the future of communications.

Entrepreneurs can build a large customer base who love the idea of not having a bill that is in the hundreds.

Starting A Cell Phone Company After Solavei Shutdown

Solavei gave thousands of Americans the chance to start their own cell phone business without having a place of business. This same type of opportunity has been SYNC UP’s approach from the very beginning.

SYNC UP is said to be the most up to date wireless dealer program around. Using the SYNC UP portal will ensure you have all the training needed to start your own wireless business the correct way.

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