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The Sync Wireless Dealer Training Course was designed to help you start your own wireless business you control. This will be performed in our online virtual training room. Our partner program will provide all the tools & resources needed to start earning money by offering Cellular, TV Internet Voice, and Home Security. We offer a in-depth training course that will take the headache out of starting your own solutions business. By the end of training the only other thing you need is the will to succeed and apply the techniques and strategies learned during the session.

Module 1 will provide you a complete overview of all documents that are necessary in order to properly setup your wireless business. These important documents will allow you to create accounts with the top wholesale providers, activation and refill portals, and prepaid wireless carriers. We will also cover the different types of wireless networks, a complete carrier overview, and the top device manufactures.

Module 2 will give walk you through the account setup process. This is where we see most new dealers fail if not done correctly. Setting up your wireless business with the right providers, and having the correct documents to do so is highly important. We make the account creation process easy and straight forward by utilizing our detailed process for development. This will reduce the time it takes get your accounts, and portals active by weeks. We will also cover a complete training on all activation portals, inventory portals, device unlocking, how to get inventory financed, and the best places to get materials & furniture for your location.

In our experience Module 3 is the most important. Once your business have been formed the next step is to get noticed by customers who are ready to buy. We show you exactly how to advertise your business without spending thousand of dollars on techniques that simply don’t work. Our program will give your step by step training on marketing and advertising your business to the right customers.

  • Document Development and Execution

    Our program will go over all documents needed in order to become registered as a authorized dealer for prepaid wireless. In our course will we show you exactly what documents are needed and where to obtain them. Having the correct documents in place will ensure your wireless dealer accounts are setup in a timely fashion.

  • How To Maximize Commissions

    After completing the wireless dealer training course you will know the proper process for earning the maximum upfront commissions, and residual income month after month. Using our system will increase your profit potential, and help you to create a solid reoccurring income.

  • Understanding Network Types

    Learn the main network types most used in the U.S., and aboard. Understanding the different types of networks will make the job of ordering the right inventory a breeze. If you plan on shipping phones out of the country, learning network types is vital to your success.

  • Carrier Account Setup

    Setting up your accounts with the major providers can be hard work if you do not know the correct process, terminals, distributors, and master agents to choose. This course will show you the top carriers to offer, and how to setup your authorized dealer account in order to perform activation’s.

  • Understanding The Sale Process

    The sales process is one thing most new authorized dealers have trouble with. We show you how to complete a sale from front to back. Our training will guide you through the hard part of completing your first sale.

  • Setup Device Unlocking Account

    Device unlocking has become a very popular way for wireless dealers to earn extra money by providing added value services. The most difficult aspect of of performing unlocks is finding the right reliable provider.

  • Wholesale Inventory Account Setup

    Our training course will help you to create the wholesale accounts with reliable distributors in order to get wholesale pricing on all the latest devices. We show you exactly which wholesale providers we have worked with for over 7 years. Not all wholesale providers are created equal, understanding who to buy from can make or break your business.

  • Setting Up Merchant Accounts

    Learn how to accept credit/debit cards as a form of payment. Remember 65% of your sales will more than likely be done with some form of card. Having multiple payment options will is highly important.

  • Accessing Authorized Dealer Portals

    We provide a complete walk through on the activation & refill portals you will be using in order to connect new customers. These are the main portals you will use day to day.

  • Furniture and Store Layout

    Learn where to get new and used furniture for your retail location. We show you have to save money on display cases, promotional displays, and items needed to craft your location.

  • Creating Upsales: TV, Internet, and More

    Performing activation’s is only part of your revenue stream. Learn how to create up-sales on related products and services that your customers will love. Earn additional revenue on TV Service, High Speed Internet, Home Phone, and more.

  • How To Drive Traffic

    Learn everything there is to know about driving traffic to your retail location or online business. We offer a complete marketing training course where you can learn from our marketing specialist the full process they use to gain traffic. More Traffic =More Buyers!







Ready To Sell Online?

Our independent wireless retailer program will teach you how to earn money online via your own White Label website. We offer in depth training on marketing techniques and traffic strategies that will help to increase your online sales.

The SYNC wireless dealer training course will educated you on all the latest tools, resources, and a step by step guide to help you bring customers to your website. ‌ ‌‌

  • No Setup fee (only $20 /mo) ‌ ‌‌
  • Build a solid customer base ‌ ‌‌
  • Make more sales ‌ ‌‌
  • Get more online reviews ‌ ‌‌
  • Offer Maps to your location ‌ ‌‌
  • Post Content